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This is what it's like in The DreamFactory!
Why The DreamFactory? The DreamFactory was established in 1985, by two slightly confused souls who believed that it was more than one way to make music for the Lord. But everyone kept telling us that Rap, Hip-Hop and the Seattle Sound wasn't the right way for serving the Lord. We couldn't figure out why and no one could tell us why not? So we went to the top! We asked the Lord what he thought? And on our hearts he carverd (Psalm 33:1-4). And the rest is The DreamFactory.

Who is The DreamFactory?
C Thomas.Chandler: C.E.O, Minister & President of The DreamFactory and Founder of The DreamFactory_7 Christian Music Club.

Britt Hoskins:President of Engineering

Edward L.Peterson: Vice President in charge of Production and Operations.

Herb Porter: Executive Producer in charge of A&R'S, Promotions, Contracts,Sells and Distribution.

Artwork, Photos and Design Director and Album Cover Layouts. Faye Pittman & FayesImages Inc.

How come the Internet?
Well! It's not because we don't have enough clients. Meanly because it's so hard for an artist to find a company that will give them the freedom to do whats in side of themselves. The DreamFactory was crearted so the small artist can become the big. Matthew: 19:30(But Many That Are First Shall Be Last; And The Last Shall Be First). We believe that scripture and we believe that the small artist shall become big. "If It's Done To Serve The Lord" John14:13-14(And whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that I will do, That my Father may be Glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it). So if you use your GOD given skills to serve the Lord there is no telling how far the Father well take you! John 10:10(The Thief cometh only, but to Steal,Kill and Distroy: I am come that they might have life, and they might it more abundantly).